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The first forum in Greece that focuses on closing real deals.

StartupNow Forum is the most effective deal-closing event in Greece that aims to bring together the main factors of the innovation ecosystem and provide the best conditions for quality networking and successful deals by hosting well-matched one-on-one meetings.

Through our matchmaking platform we are bringing together, in the most efficient way startups, incubators, accelerators, investors, corporates and institutions in order to find the most relevant connections to create real deals for their business.

StartupNow Forum in a Nutshell

StartupNow Forum creates perfect conditions for networking. We provide endless opportunities for effortless & successful business matching!

B2B Meetings
Expand your network, see your ideas grow and seize the right opportunities for your Business!
Panels & Workshops
Learn from the bests, get your hands dirty and take a look at the new trends and new tools of the future.
What’s better than showing your buyers who you are? Grow your brand and see your Target.
Present your company in front of the Jury to win the StartupNow Forum awards!
StartupNow Forum is all about closing deals!

In StartupNow Forum we focus on quality networking and real deals by bringing together startups, investors, corporates, media and institutions in one place. Through our matchmaking platform you have the opportunity to find the most relevant connections for your business and attend well-matched one-on-one meetings to generate successful leads!

But networking doesn’t stop there. It’s all about follow up! Are you wondering how you will effectively follow up on your contacts from the event? Sign up at StartupNow Gate and stay in touch with all the participants of StartupNow Forum!

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7 out of 10 people sealed deals during StartupNow Forum!


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