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StartupNow Gate is an exclusive platform, offering an excellent user experience and optimal networking conditions for meetings between startups, investors, corporate representatives, conference speakers and other potential partners.

With the matchmaking tool, you can filter, explore and prepare your meetings during the Forum. Arranging your meetings prior to the beginning of the Forum facilitates the 1:1 meetings during the Forum. We have created an efficient platform for prescheduled 15-minute meetings. We use this software to help the participants organize fast and effectively the proper meetings with the proper people.

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250+ Startups will attend StartupNow Forum in 2019


100+ Business Angels and VCs representatives will attend StartupNow Forum 2019


100+ corporate representatives will support StartupNow Forum

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In StartupNow Forum we focus on quality networking and real deals by bringing together startups, investors, corporates, media and institutions in one place. Through our matchmaking platform you have the opportunity to find the most relevant connections for your business and attend well-matched one-on-one meetings to generate successful leads!

But networking doesn’t stop there. It’s all about follow up! Are you wondering how you will effectively follow up on your contacts from the event? Sign up at StartupNow Gate and stay in touch with all the participants of StartupNow Forum!

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Dimitris Litsikakis

Dimitris Litsikakis

Global Head of FinTech at deVere Group
What I appreciated the most about StartupNow Forum is the matchmaking and networking opportunities. I've been around to many conferences lately and I can tell you with confidence that the structure of these face2face meetings raised the bar and added value to the participants. I also loved the venue location as it was not conventional and had a completely different crowd.