Discover Innovative Solutions

StartupNowForum aims to combine Innovation with Corporates! We are focusing on disruptive technologies which are going to lead to sustainable development! We bring Enterprises, Startups and Investors together in one place! If you are seeking for innovative solutions for your Enterprise, StartupNowForum is the one place for you!

Many of our partners are focused on uncovering new business opportunities with growth companies. StartupNow Forum is a great chance for you to learn about their approach and meet the right people.

Take advantage of their availability during the event – Engaging with the startup community will never be easier.

Why attend?

Digital Transformation

Want To Digitally Empower Your Business? By attending StartupNow Forum you will align your digital goals with your business objectives. You will meet startups that offer innovative solutions for the acceleration of your business or meet the right people to hire in order to digitally transform your company.

Brand Awareness

Through StartupNow Forum you will be recognized as an innovation supporter and a leader for digital transformation! The exposure will bring compatible customers, as well as help you build brand loyalty.

Thought Leadership

If you have a new product to launch or maybe you want to promote your established products to new clients, we have you covered by being exposed either in the exhibition area or by attending B2B meetings. You can always place your company in the centre of an industry issue by hosting a workshop or attend a panel as a speaker.

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