The first phase of the competition - the semi-final - will take place on 23 November. The teams that will compete will be evaluated by a 7-member jury composed of investors as well as by people from the business sector. The jury in conjunction with Mantis B.I. will highlight the top 10 startups of each category that will qualify for the final.

Rating = 50% * (score of Mantis B.I. evaluation systems) + 50% * (jury score)



The second phase of the competition will be held on 24 November and the evaluation will be again carried out by the judging panel and evaluation system of Mantis B.I. but also through a public vote for his favorite team. This will make the final winners for each category.

Rating = 10% * (vote of the audience) + 40% * (semi-final score) + 50% * (final jury score)

Business Plan (50%)

  • Market Size and Market Value
  • Copyrights, Licenses and Idea’ s maturity stage
  • Justification, Innovation, Technological point of view, Full-fledged, Size of problem which tries to solve

Technical & financial analysis of business plan(15%)

  • Financial Indexes
  • Effinciency & Performance key Indicators

Team Performance (35%)

  • Team composition
  • Skills
  • Educational and working experience
  • Test Owiwi