Why should i become a volunteer?

  1. You will have the chance to meet all the Greek startup ecosystem
  2. You will familiarize with startupping mindset
  3. You will improve your organizational skills
  4. You will improve your soft skills
  5. You will receive a certificate of participation in the Organizational Committee of StartupNowForum

How can i become a volunteer?

You can apply just by filling the form on the Volunteers’ tab. After verification of your application, we will contact you and present you our decision regarding our coοporation.

What are the duties of volunteers at StartupNowForum?

The posts for the Volunteers are:

  1. Reception Desk – Registration of the guests
  2. Responsible for the Speeches
  3. Responsible for
  4. Catering Team: Responsible for proper guest services
  5. Info Desk and Info Chat Team: Providing guests with information to during the event
  6. Matchmaking Team: Responsible for 1:1 meetings, proper guidance to the guests and service
  7. Marketing Team: Responsible for promotion and social media during the event
  8. Responsible for Space organizing
  9. Responsible for the Competition

All volunteers regardless of their main role and individual responsibilities at StartupNowForum must also be taking care of the general hygiene of all rooms


Do you provide catering, accomondation and transport for the Forum?

Yes we provide catering during the conference. We do not provide accommodation. For your transportation there will be an often scheduled transportation service from Syntagma Square offered by the municipality of Eleusis.