Usually networking in Events is a matter of luck

With the matchmaking tool, you can filter, explore and prepair your meetings during the Forum. Arranging your meetings prior to the beginning of the Forum facilitates the 1:1 meeting during the Forum. We have created an efficient platform for 15minute prescheduled meetings. We use this software to provide help to the participants to organize the proper meetings with the proper people.

Meeting Points

There is going to be available space organized with tables for private meeting between startup-investors, startup-startup, startup-corporation. Each table is assigned to a number and each meeting session is assigned to these numbers as well. The meeting duration is 30’ and they are giving the opportunity for acquaintance, conversation for collaborations or a potential funding!

Μatchmaking Tool

In the StartupNowForum you can create your profile and your company’s profile. You can also browse other profiles and find the ones that interest you. This is how you are going to succeed the most suitable meetings. Use this software to organize your meetings with people who match with your labels and your preferences. Organize your program even before you arrive at the Event.

Investors Networking

StartupNowForum gives investors the capability to get in touch with each other, exchange ideas, make conversations about evaluation techniques and create a better networking in the Greek stratup ecosystem.