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GreenTech Symposium is an international scientific conference aimed at connecting the academic community to corporates by presenting all the new innovative products of  researchers and startups in the fields of Smart Cities, Innovative Green, Advanced Materials, Environment, Energy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The conference is supported scientifically by the Environmental Economics and Sustainability Unit and it will take place in Technopolis, Athens inOctober 23rd & 24th.

Through the available matchmaking platform, the goal is to achieve within two days investments, trade agreements and business partnerships between entrepreneurs, representatives of organizations and scientists.

The Pillars

For the very first time GreenTech Symposium is taking place in Technopolis and is aiming to  arise discussions about how entrepreneurship is applied in topics regarding environmental issues; the exchange of thoughts, knowledge, experiences and presentation of research is the real value of the Symposium. Businesses, public institutions, universities, institutes and research centres, NGOs, SMEs, professional associations, decision-makers, etc will be taking part in order to interact with each other.

Smart Cities

Innovative Green, Advanced Materials

Environment & Energy

Entrepreneurship & Innovation


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GreenTech Awards

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Benefits and Services
B2B Meetings
Researchers will have the chance to attend meetings with corporate representatives and set the fundamentals to put their research into practice
Panels & Workshops
A wide range of talks and workshops regarding environmental issues and green technologies will be available in GreenTech Symposium.
The Exhibition will consist of exhibitors from the startup scene and large corporations that operate in the environmental sector.
1 GreenTech Award will be rewarded to each category of participants in StartupNow Forum for the green impact that they create
Talks & Workshops
Program (Draft)
October 23rd, 2019
October 24th, 2019
13.30 - 14.00
GreenTech Symposium Opening
Prof. Konstantinos Aravossis, Associate Professor of Mechanical, Engineering at National Technical University of Athens
14.00 - 15.00
Environmental economy and sustainable growth. The role of private sector (PASEPPE)
Powered by: Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies
15.00 - 16.00
Launch of GreenTech Challenge by ESU NTUA 2019 – The institutional competition for startups in the sectors of Energy, Environment and Smart Cities
Prof. Konstantinos Aravossis, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at National Technical University of Athens, Christos Nikoloudis, CEO & Founder, Mantis Business Innovation (Organizing Committee), Christos Kalantzis, Coordinator (Student Committee), Vasilis Stenos, Winner GreenTech Challenge 2018, Founder of Solmeyea
16.00 - 17.00
Innovation. Education. Entrepreneurship. Strengthening the raw materials and environment sector by educating the lifecycle of innovators
Coordinator: Antonis Politis, Business Developer, EIT RawMaterials - CLC East
17.00 - 17.40
Circular Economy side by side with New Green Technologies
Coordinator: Vasilis Liogkas, Circular Economy Representative of Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
17.40 - 18.30
The 4th Industrial Revolution in Energy and Environmental Policy in Municipalities
Coordinator: Dr. Nikolaos Kakogiannis, General Manager, ABEC Group - Speakers: Prof. Charis Doukas, Associate Professor in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Christos Stathis, Mayor, Municipality of Mandras Eidyllias, Athanasios Mavrogiannis, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Elefsis
18.30 - 19.00
Sustainability era - energy, environment, food - “climate mitigation” challenges & “livestock revolution” opportunities in Greece & abroad
Coordinator: Vasilis Stenos, CEO & Founder, Soelmeya
19.00 - 21.00
Innovation on Fire (IoF) - Excellent examples of innovation in practice by Greek agri-food companies.
Coordinators: Kostas Tsaousis, Journalist & Founder of Idea Lab - Beyond Exports Team
12.20 - 13.00
Technological Progress in Sea and Water Resources Management
Powered by:
13.00 - 15.00
New Green Technologies, Digital Transformation and the role of Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association
Powered by: Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association
15.00 - 15.40
A world of opportunity: Big Data & Smart Cities
Powered by: Athens Digital Lab, IBM, NCSR Demokritos, Hellenic Statistical Authority
15.40 - 17.30
Research Papers Presentation
Coordinator: Dr. Lena Strantazli, Environmental Economics and Sustainability Unit, National Technical University of Athens. Sections: i) Environment & Energy, ii) Innovative Green, Advanced Materials, iii) Smart Cities, iv) Entrepreneurship & Innovation
17.00 - 18.00
The launch of Invent ICT call 2019-2020
Coordinator: Dr. Vaggelis Siokas, Program Manager, EPINOO – Invent ICT
18.00 - 19.00
Innovation for climate action Transforming ideas into climate-positive businesses
Speakers to be announced.
19.00 - 19.30
Needs for Green Skills in new digital era
Coordinator: Athina Polina Dova, Chief Operations Officer, Owiwi
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