[Why Attend]
Raise Awareness

StartupNow Forum creates the best conditions for networking for a wide range of institutions and organizations, as they are the connection among the stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem.

All organizations, such as Funding Institutions , Incubators & Accelerators as well as NGOs, Chambers and agencies that promote entrepreneurship do have a great cause to attend the event in order to raise awareness regarding their activities and their valuable contribution to the startup ecosystem.

If you are a Decision Maker in such an organization you shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to attend StartupNow Forum. You can start key partnerships during the 1:1 meetings that you can arrange through the Event’s matchmaking tool, as well as become an exhibitor and present your activities and tracks to the innovation ecosystem! 

Why attend?

Raise Awareness

Promote your Activities even by organizing a Workshop or participate as Speakers on the Main Stage!


Find innovative solutions in order to digitally transform your organization and decide the right partners that will help you implement it.


Gain feedback! Show, Present and Promote your Activities in the Ecosystem. Take notice on what others think of your contribution to the ecosystem

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