Founder, Facilitator-Public Speaker
APSON CSR-Womanitee

Dr Anastasia Psomiadi founded APSON CSR Company in 2007.
APSON, collaborates with a skillful team of experienced and inspired corporate executives
and consultants. Its mission to conduct market research, develop strategy and proposal(s),
implement focused actions, evaluate effectiveness in CSR.
She also participates as an instructor/facilitator in CSR Conferences, Seminars and
Workshops thus promoting the new human dimension given to CSR that is implemented as a
path to satisfy the needs of different social groups, focusing on emotion, local societies and
at the same time adjusted to the current social circumstances.


Anastasia Psomiadi Ph.D. CV
Ιn parallel serves IASIS a prizewinning NGO for Mental Health and Social Support as
communication and business development manager since 2015.
In 2013, she also founded the Social Cooperative Enterprise CRICOS which offers innovative
services concerning issues of employment, social organizations and social entrepreneurship.
She is the Advisor in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
of the President of the Central Union of Municipalities in Greece, Mr. George Patoulis and
the head of many projects for Greek local government.
She is also the founder and the head of the first Center in Greece for supporting Women
in Business “ womanitee”.
She is CSR Professor and the head of CSR course within MBA Metropollitan college
She has been a communication consultant and project manager representing and
repositioning companies as well as organizations. As an organizer of cultural and scientific
conferences, she participated in several – U.S.A., Canada, S. Africa, Egypt, Germany,
Belgium, and Australia.