Antonis Politis

Business Development Manager
EIT RawMaterials

Antonis Politis is a Business Development Manager in the Innovation Hub East of EIT RawMaterials. EIT RawMaterials is the largest network of Partners from the raw materials sector represented by over 120 companies, universities and research institutes from over 20 EU countries. EIT RawMaterials and its Partners work on innovation, education and business creation in the raw materials sector and EIT RawMaterials has dedicated focus on CRMs. Antonis in EIT RawMaterials acts as a Project Officer of various Innovation projects, offers coaching and mentoring in start-ups from RM sector and facilitates Business Creation with partners and start-ups. Antonis has a wide expertise in multiple fields of the raw materials sector value chain covering environmental impact assessment of products and processes, business planning and modelling, LCA-LCC-SLCA, underground mining and tunnelling excavation, mechanical mining excavation techniques, policy making and SLO. Antonis has studied Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at National Technical University of Athens and received a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 2015.