Christos Nikoloudis

Founder & CEO
Mantis Business Innovation

Christos Nikoloudis is a graduate mechanical engineer from the National Technical University of Athens, with a MEng in Industrial Management and Operations Research. Since 2014, he has been elected as a PhD candidate in the Environmental Economics and Sustainable Unit of NTUA on the development of an integrated methodology for the assessment of strategic investments and decision-making models for startups. Through his PhD thesis, he actively participated in the assessment of Hellinikon project (one of the most important Greek investments with over of 7bn initial cost of investment), he has developed decision-making models and evaluation systems for the startup ecosystem (innovation ideas, pre-seed, seed stage and evaluation systems during an incubation circle), and he is doing ancillary courses in the Engineering Economics course of the Mechanical Engineering School. Also, he is elected to the Board of Directors of the NTUA’s Ph. D candidates. In the past, he has been a project manager in energy investments, a financial advisor on Strategic Investments (Fast Track Law) and funding for SMEs, a scientific and financial advisor for several projects and a Project Coordinator for European programs. As a product of his own research and having worked for more than 5 years in several projects, he decided to run his own venture and establish his startup (Mantis Business Innovation) in 2017. He is also the co-founder of the competition for innovative proposals, GreenTech Challenge which is taking place every year in NTUA and founder of StartupNow Forum, the largest innovation & technology event for startups in Greece, focusing on efficient networkingAs a very activated person in the Startup Sector in Greece, he offers his insights and  is involved with activities and products that create real impact for the ecosystem.