Dimitris Georgiou

Founder & CEO
Dishcover Tours

Dimitri is Founder and CEO of Dishcover, envisioning to redefine culinary tourism practices.

Dimitri started investing in the stock market at the age of 14, while at 23, he was already working in private equity and later at the European Central Bank. However, his volunteering experience in the cultural field inspired him to realise that finance can be used to create sustainable models and address social issues, and he decided to explore this path, combining it with his passion for traveling & food.

During this quest, he worked on innovative gastronomy & sustainable/alternative tourism projects with a consulting company (Italy) and contributed to multi-sensory cultural events (Greece, Austria, Germany). He also pursued a Master of Philosophy in Finance (University of Cambridge), although his accent suggests nothing of this!

Inspired by the power of food in carrying stories and bringing people together, Dimitri committed himself to deploy his experience towards redefining culinary tourism practices aiming to both memorable experiences and social impact.