George Karantonis

Metavallon VC

George is currently  a partner at Metavallon VC, which is a €32 million venture capital firm that specializes in seed stage funding for technology companies. The firm engages at early to seed stage and funds companies that will operate at the forefront of business and technology innovation. Metavallon VC has received investment from both EquiFund, a fund-of-funds created jointly by the Hellenic Republic and European Investment Fund (EIF), and other private investors.
George holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Athens, M.Sc. in Exploration Geophysics from the University of Leeds, and an MBA from Athens Laboratory of Business Administration. He worked for several years as a freelance consultant and has helped numerous Greek SMEs secure funding through relevant Greek and European programs. Later he worked as a senior manager in leading Greek ICT companies. He has experience working in private companies, as well as in companies listed in the Athens (Pouliadis & Associates), London AIM and NY Nasdaq (Velti) stock exchanges. He co-founded his first ICT company while he was a University student and the second one in the year 2000. In 2012 together with his partner Nikos Karapanagou they ran a successful MBO taking over the integration business of the Nasdaq listed company Velti and created the Motivian Group, which soon became a competent solutions provider for Banks, Operators and Government Agencies in the wider area of SE Europe, Middle East & N Africa.