Konstantinos Yazitzoglou


Konstantinos YAZITZOGLOU holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production Management
from the National Technical University of Athens, an M.Sc. (by distinction) in Management Science
from Imperial College of London and a Certificate in Global Management by INSEAD.
For the first 23 years of his career he held various top management positions in the food industry.
He has been Technical Manager, Production Manager and General Manager for KANAKI SA and later
COO (Director General) for Hellenic Quality Foods SA. For the last 7 years he is the CEO of
GEOHELLAS SA, a mining company exploiting clay deposits in Northern Greece.
Konstantinos has held or holds various positions in Boards of organization like the Athens Chamber
of Commerce, Avec, the European Food Safety Authority and the Hellenic Management Association .
He is currently the 2 nd vice chair of the Hellenic Mining Enterprises Association and the chair of the
Hellenic Institute of Production Management.
Mr. Yazitzoglou is an INSEAD certified Non Executive Director and ambassador of INSEAD’s IDN for
He speaks Greek, English, German and Italian. He is married and has two children